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About Fustar
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About Fustar

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About Fustar 

Founded in 1995Fustar Corporation has been a pioneer from the very beginning and continues today to be a leader in the design,and manufacture of flexible metal hose,expansion joints.Fustar hoses,known for their durability and superior resistance to corrosion,are used in more than 15 vertical markets,by hundreds of companies worldwide. Beginning in 2009,Fustar has embarked on the production of metal bellows expansion joints.


The Fustar Mission 

It is our mission to be the manufacture of choice by providing customers exceptional value :

Ø High quality braided flexible metal corrugated hose and metal bellows expansion joints

Ø Competitive pricing

Ø On-time delivery

Ø Superior and personalized customer service

Ø Cutting-edge industry expertise


Commitment to Distributors

Fustar views distributors as partners and remain committed to the traditional manufacture-distributor relationship-a unique approach that allows Fustar to form lasting relationships with distributors,a relationship that goes beyond just the product. Fustars corrugated hose products are available worldwide through selected fabricated distributors.


Product Offerings 

Fustar provides a unique breadth and depth of highly durable products. Fustar products outlast competitive hoses and expansion joints saving time and money in replacement costs and down time. Fustar delivers high quality products that lead the industry in wall thickness, providing for greater durability and improved resistance to chemical corrosion as well as improved reliability in high pressure applications.

Ø Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Ø Corrugated Metal Hose

Ø Stainless steel braids

Fustar also understands that unique applications require unique products and is committed to manufacturing products that distributors and end-users need. Fustar has the technology and know-how to creat standard, off the shelf, and custom hoses and expansion joints, that meet specific application requirements. 

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