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Here are the applications of  Fustar company  products,they can be applied to various industries.

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical industry is the very important field of Fustar supply expansion joints and flexible hose. The working situation of petrochemical industry is high temperature,high pressure strong corrosion and some medium easy to be explosive or fire. Fustar has advanced accurate design software and rich experienced engineers.They can pursue the most perfection during designing,type selecting,manufacturing,checking ,inspecting expansion joints and hose being applied for petrochemical industry.
Products supplied by Fustar will be safe and reliable. Fustar has supplied a lot of high quality products for oil refining industry, ethane project and coal chemical project etc.Products are recognized popularly.

Metallurgy Industry

Metallurgy is the the main field of Fustar products applied. The working situation of Iron&Steel industry is that high temperature and bad working environment. Fustar products are greatly applied in blast furnace of smelting iron,sinter, coke,steel smelting and cast projects etc.They are mostly used in domestic metallurgical projects and some of them are used for exported projects as complete parts. 

Gas industry

Gas industry is a new extended market in civil using field.Product supplied to gas industry by Fustar will be on the basis of “safety first”.

Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning Industry

Heating ventilation and air conditioning industry is the traditional field of applying expansion joint and flexible hose. Fustar has been concerning and developing products for this field. Air conditioner of heating and ventilation industry supplies comfortable and warm living environment. Product of Fustar solves the problems from thermal expansion or cold shrinkage of hose, viaration of hose and equipment and noise etc.The product qulity of Fustar is perfect with special design.It has been applied on the air conditioner system in the people’s Great Hall.This product has been exported to the U.S.,Canada and many countries in Europe for many years. 

Electric Power Industry

As electric power industry is the important field of applying expansion joint and hose, Fustar purts more resources into researching and developing product that can be used in this field. Through receiving orders constantly from customers of this field, Fustar has accumulated rich experiences in practice.Technologies of design and manufacture have been improved greatly. For extra large size flue pipe, Fustar can install it at site.Fustar products have been extensively applied in turbine unit,hot blast pipe,flue pipe,high frequency vibration pipe, desulfurization pipe and high voltage combined electric appliance. Products applied for this field has won good evaluation from all customers.

Engine & Automotivergy

Motor and auto industries are developing markets of Fustar.Metal bellows,as a vibration eliminating part, is extensively applied for vehicles and motors.  


Other Industries

Metal hose and expansion joint, as the flexible element of pipe, can be applied extensively. Besides applied in the above mentioned fields, Fustar product also can be applied in the fields of ship,rubber,paper making,food, medical and electron industries etc.While Fustar supply products to above mentioned fields, it is also concerning the technology and market of other application fields.

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