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China bellow product manufacturers-Taizhou Fustar can provide Fire Sprinkler Hose,Fustar Bellows products and so on, here are the Fustar Bellows company organization.
Supplier Address:City East Development Zone,Jiangyan Area,Taizhou City,Jiangsu Province,China
Legal RepresentativeFang Lin  Registered capital80 million Yuan
Unified Social Credit Code:91321204MA21PCP93G
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Contact Email:sales@jsbellows.com 
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Business Scope
Metal hose, corrugated pipe, bellows expansion joint, metal compensator, fabric expansion joint, stainless steel wire mesh, vacuum hose,PTFE bellows, exhaust pipe and other products.
We engaged in import and export vary kinds of products and techniques( Except the import and export of goods and technologies which country limited and prohibited).

Our Main Products
Bellows, flexible metal hose, corrugated pipe,PTFE flexible hose,vacuum hose,metal expansion joint,fabric expansion joint,PTFE expansion joint ,rotary compensator,sphere compensator,sleeve compensator,fire sprinkler hose etc .
Main Production Machinery And Equipment
Bellow forming machine  2.Knitting machine  3.Compress machine  4.Welding machine  5.Cutting machine  6.Bending pipe machine  7.Pipe expanding machine etc
Main Quality Inspection Equipment :
The main quality testing equipment: 1.Vernier caliper 2.Welding inspection ruler 3.Radius gauge 4. Inspection plate 5.Pressure gauge 6.Hydraulic test pump, air compressor 7.Spectrometer 8.Salt spray test machine
Supplier Production Capacity:
Flexible metal hose production capacity of 100 million units/ Year;
Compensator production capacity of 500 million units / year

Organization Structure

Human Resource:5  Employees:258       Administrator6 Technicians16 Others36
Quality management system certification and occupational health and safety management system certificationISO90012008
Nearly three years sales performance60 million Yuan in 201480 million Yuan in 2015; 0.1 billion
in 2016 ;
Main customers
1. China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation 2.China Resources Gas 3. Air Products & Chemicals, Inc 4. Russia Oil and Natural Gas Corporation 5. United Metallurgical Company etc 

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Add: City East Development Zone,Jiangyan Area,Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Email: sales@jsbellows.com
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