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Bellows Material Selection Guide
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Bellows Material Selection Guide

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Bellows Material Selection Guide Form


General   Properties and Manufacturing Availability


Standard material   for manufacture of bellows.Usually this grade is used in water or steam applications.For   operating temperatures to 450


Bellows can be   supplied in this material when required,subject to availability of sheet of   the required gauge


Improved corrosion   resistance as compared to the 321,

especially with regard to pitting   corrosion.Typical uses include high sulphur crude oils,brackish   waters,flue gases,food

processing and numerous applications in chemical and   petro-chemical processing.


Adequate corrosion   resistance and mechanical properties at ambient and elevated temperatures,450 to 815


This grade is   sometimes requested for special purposes.

Because of difficulty in obtaining   material suitable for bellows manufacture,we usually offer Incoloy 800 as a   superior alternative material where necessary.

Incoloy   800

Bellows can be   supplied in this material when its good corrosion resistance and high   temperature properties are required to meet service conditions.

Incoloy   600

Bellows can be manufactured from this material when required.

The alloy combines good general corrosion resistance with virtual immunity to chloride stress corrosion and also has good high temperature strength and oxidation resistance.

Incoloy   625

One of the more   recent nickel-chrome molybdenum alloys combining good high temperature   properties with good resistance to chloride stress corrosion and a variety of   corrosive environments.

Monel   400

The nickel-copper   alloy finds limited use for bellows manufacture in some specialized applications such as chlorine service.However the manufacture of small   diameter bellows would be uneconomic,and we advise that an alternative   material should be used where the service conditions permit.

Hastelloy   C 276

A nickel-chrome   molybdenum alloy having outstanding resistance to a wide variety of severely corrosive chemical process environments including:wet chlorine,hypochlorites,

chlorine dioxide solutions,hot contaminated mineral   acids and acetic acid,sea water and brine.Bellows can be supplied when   required,subject to the availability of sheet material.

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