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Classification characteristics of non-metallic skins
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Classification characteristics of non-metallic skins

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Classification characteristics of non-metallic skins

Non-metallic fabric skin is also called desulfurization ring belt, non-metallic fabric ring belt and other names. It is mainly made of multi-layer soft materials. It has a wide temperature range, high pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance, good flame retardant performance, sound absorption and shock absorption. , good flexibility and many other advantages. Compared with the traditional metal bellows, it avoids the transmission of rigid force caused by the connection, eliminates the vibration of the pipeline, and solves the problem of compensation for thermal expansion and contraction of the fan and the unavoidable displacement of metal parts. And can play a role in protecting the fan in the event of an accident. And it is far superior to metal bellows in transportation, installation, cost, maintenance and many other aspects.

Classification and characteristics of non-metallic fabric skin (ring belt) according to material

One is silicone skin and the other is fluorine rubber skin. Silicone skin generally makes the air duct fiber fabric compensator with low temperature resistance, after adding the thermal insulation layer, use it at ≤600 ℃. The temperature resistance of fabric compensator with fluorine rubber skin used in extreme environments is less than or equal to 1200℃.

Advantages of non-metallic skinning:

1. Compensation expansion: It can compensate for multiple directions, which is much better than the metal compensator that can only compensate in one way.

2. Compensate the installation error. Since the system error is inevitable in the process of pipeline connection, the fiber compensator can better eliminate the installation error.

3. Noise reduction and vibration isolation: The fiber fabric and moisturizing cotton itself have the functions of sound absorption and vibration isolation, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers, fans and other systems.

4. No reverse thrust: because the main material is fiber fabric, it is powerless to transmit. Using fiber compensators can simplify the design, avoid the use of large bearings, and save a lot of material and labor.

5. Good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance: the fluoroplastics and silicone materials used have good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

6. Good sealing: There is a relatively complete production and assembly system, and the fiber compensator basically has no leakage.

7. Light weight, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

8. The price is lower than the metal compensator, and the quality is better than imported products. The price is 1/2-1/5 of imported products.

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