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Comparing Grooved Bellows and Stainless Steel Metal Hose
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Comparing Grooved Bellows and Stainless Steel Metal Hose

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Grooved Bellows:

Grooved bellows is a new type of steel pipe connection compensator with many advantages. Pipe groove connection technology emerged in the United States in the 1950s and was introduced to China in the late 1990s. Since then, with its outstanding advantages such as convenient installation, reliable quality, economical and environmental protection, etc., it has been quickly accepted and promoted by the domestic market.

Advantages of grooved bellows connections:

1. Simple operation

The connection operation of grooved pipes is very simple, no special professional skills are required, and ordinary workers can operate them after simple training. This is because the product has a large number of delicate technical parts factory-built into the product. It only takes a few minutes to connect a pipe fitting, which simplifies the technical difficulty of on-site operation to the greatest extent and saves man-hours, thereby stabilizing the project quality and improving the work efficiency. This is also the general direction of the development of installation technology.

        In addition, since the grooved pipe fittings are finished parts, the operation space required on site is small, and the installation can be realized against the wall and the corner, and the operation difficulty is greatly reduced, thus saving the floor space and beautifying the pipe installation effect.

2. The original characteristics of the pipeline are not affected

For grooved pipe connection, only a groove is extruded on the outer surface of the connected pipe with a rolling groove machine without destroying the inner wall structure of the pipe, which is a unique technical advantage of grooved pipe connection.

3. Conducive to construction safety

Using grooved pipe connection technology, only cutting machine, rolling groove machine and wrench for tightening bolts are required on site, and the construction organization is convenient.

4. Good system stability and easy maintenance

The grooved pipe connection method has unique flexibility characteristics, which makes the pipeline have the ability to resist vibration, shrinkage and expansion. Compared with welding and flange connection, the stability of the pipeline system is increased, and it is more suitable for temperature changes, thereby protecting The pipeline valve parts are reduced, and the damage to the structural parts caused by the pipeline stress is also reduced.

5. Economic Analysis

The connection operation of grooved pipe fittings is simple, labor-saving and time-saving, so it has good economic benefits.

Scope of application of grooved pipe fittings:

As an advanced pipe connection method, grooved pipe fittings can be either exposed or buried, with both steel joints and flexible joints. Therefore, it has a broad scope of application.

① According to the system: it can be used for fire water system, air conditioning cold and hot water system, water supply system, petrochemical pipeline system, thermal power and military pipeline system, sewage treatment pipeline system, etc.;

② According to the pipe material: it can be used to connect steel pipes, copper pipes, stainless steel pipes, plastic-lined steel pipes, ductile iron pipes, thick-walled plastic pipes, and hoses and valves with steel pipe joints and flange joints.

JR Stainless Steel Metal Hose:

JR stainless steel metal hose is a high-quality flexible pipe in modern industrial pipelines. It is mainly composed of bellows, mesh sleeves and joints. Its inner tube is a thin-walled stainless steel corrugated tube with a spiral or annular shape. The mesh sleeve of the outer layer of the bellows is made of stainless steel wire or steel strip woven according to certain parameters. The joints or flanges at both ends of the hose are matched with the joints or flanges of the customer's pipeline.

Corrugated metal hose has good flexibility, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and many other characteristics, its life is much longer than other hoses (rubber, plastic hose), so it It also has high comprehensive economic benefits. With the development of modern industry, the demand for corrugated metal hoses resistant to high temperature and high pressure is also increasing.

The scope of use of the hose:

A fully flexible delivery pipe is required to prevent the piping in the place of vibration, and it is used for steam, gas, air, heavy oil, petroleum, and chemicals.

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