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Do you really understand non-metallic compensators
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Do you really understand non-metallic compensators

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Introduction of non-metallic compensator:

The elastic elements that constitute the working body of the non-metallic compensator are non-metallic materials, usually fiber fabrics, so they are also called fabric compensators. There is also a rubber material, which can replace fiber fabrics in various working conditions except that it cannot meet the conditions of use under ultra-high temperature (above 400℃).

Features of non-metallic compensator:

(1) It can compensate for multi-dimensional directions. Various forms, large amount of compensation, long life;

(2) It can effectively compensate or eliminate installation errors;

(3) Low stiffness and small elastic reaction force;

⑷ The applicable temperature range is high and the corrosion resistance is good;

⑸ It can effectively isolate vibration and reduce noise;

In addition to the above features, it has good sealing performance, high pressure resistance, high strength, and can resist gas containing mist and a small amount of liquid. The use of special rubber can achieve oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance and other effects.

Types of non-metallic compensators: fabric compensators, fiber fabric compensators, rubber compensators.

Application: The fabric compensator (fiber fabric compensator) can compensate the axial and angular directions, and has the characteristics of no thrust, simplified bearing design, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, noise reduction and shock absorption, etc. It is especially suitable for hot air ducts and smoke and dust ducts.

Connection method: ① flange connection type ② pipe connection type

Type of fabric compensator (fiber fabric compensator): ① Duplex ② Angular ③ Square

Comprehensive performance of non-metallic compensator:

Good comprehensive performance of non-metallic compensator. It can be widely used in many engineering fields. Skin compensators are usually used for ventilation, dust and smoke exhaust and air conditioning insulation pipes and equipment with low working pressure.

In the piping system, if there are thermal stress caused by temperature change, vibration of equipment, local stress generated by fixed support, and stress generated by system installation deviation, rigid connection will inevitably lead to the weakest part of the piping system deformed or destroyed. If a flexible non-metallic compensator is used, such damage can be avoided. This is related to the unique movement form of non-metallic compensators. These motion forms determine the multi-dimensional displacement performance of non-metallic compensators.

The pressure-bearing single-wave body and multi-wave body compensators have irreplaceable effects under certain special working conditions. The electronic weighing scale used in the desulfurization powder spraying system of a steel plant originally used a metal compensator to compensate the equipment and pipelines. Due to the large reverse thrust, the electronic scale was inaccurately debugged and could not be returned to zero and weighed correctly. This kind of compensator with rectangular diameter and large displacement can only meet the requirements of use by using non-metallic materials. After special structural design and material design, it meets the requirements of working conditions.

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