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Environmentally friendly and wear-resistant threaded rubber joints
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Environmentally friendly and wear-resistant threaded rubber joints

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Threaded rubber joints are also called threaded rubber joints,threaded flexible rubber joints, rubber joints, and threaded soft joints. Flexible double ball wire threaded rubber joint is composed of inner layer, reinforcing layer and outer rubber layer compound model vulcanized rubber double ball and metal flat union. The middle double ball part is added with a steel ring according to user needs, which has the advantages of high pressure resistance, good elasticity, large displacement deformation, good vibration and noise reduction, flexible installation, and long service life. Theyre can be widely used in hotels, factories, residential plumbing pipeline systems and circulating water pipelines, sanitary pipelines, chemical anti-corrosion and refrigeration pipelines.

The main materials of rubber joints are rubber, natural rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber, and the natural weather resistance of rubber joints can be automatically extended. The rubber joint connected by the thread is multi-body protection by mesh steel wire, which can prevent natural shrinkage in long-term use, reduce aging and fracture, and can replace other telescopic products widely used in power plants, water plants, sewage plants, chemicals, metallurgy and other industries.

Threaded rubber joints are tubular rubber parts composed of inner and outer layers of rubber, cord layers and steel rings, which are vulcanized and formed and then loosely combined with metal flanges or parallel joints. They are flexible parts used for pipeline connections. Its superior performance and advanced production technology make it widely used in construction, water supply and drainage, fire protection, plumbing, chemical industry, electric power and other fields.

The product body mainly uses rubber as the raw material, which takes advantage of the high elasticity, high air tightness, weather resistance and radiation resistance of rubber to absorb the lateral, axial and angular displacement caused by the vibration of the pipeline; vibration and noise, and can compensate for thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes; At the same time, it is not limited by the non-concentricity of the pipeline and the non-parallel flanges. The rubber joint is made of raw materials and imported advanced production technology from abroad. The inner layer is subjected to high pressure during the production process, and the nylon cord fabric and the rubber layer are better combined. It is characterized by the inner rubber layer. Craftsmanship, combined with the product. Higher working pressure and better quality than ordinary flexible rubber joints. Because rubber is a poor conductive material, it is an ideal environmental protection product that reduces vibration and noise transmission. The product has a smooth inner wall. After actual testing, it has no effect on the flow rate and flow of the medium, and does not rust Maintenance during the valid operation period can basically be exempted.

The threaded rubber joints are mainly made of neoprene, natural rubber and EPDM, and the threaded rubber joints can be automatically extended due to natural weather changes. The threaded rubber joint is multi-body protection with mesh steel wire. It can prevent the natural shrinkage of the product and reduce aging and cracking during long-term use, and can replace other telescopic products widely used in power plants, water plants, sewage plants, chemical and metallurgical industries. Another important point is that the rubber soft joint is a green product. There is no pollution to humans and no side effects when using this product.

Installation Notes:

1. It is strictly forbidden to install the rubber soft joint beyond the displacement limit during installation.

2. When the rubber joint is installed on the ground, suspended or vertically, the actual working axial displacement pressure of the rubber joint is less than the supporting force of the pipeline.

3. The pipeline must have fixed support or fixed bracket, and the force of the fixed bracket must be greater than the axial force.

4. Corresponding fixing brackets and force-bearing brackets should be installed at both ends of the product during vertical installation and overhead installation to prevent the work from being pulled off after being under pressure.

5. The installation should be kept away from heat sources, and the use of media that does not meet the requirements of this product is strictly prohibited.

Thread connection flexible rubber joint instructions:

1. When using this product for high-rise water supply, the pipeline must have a fixed bracket, otherwise the product should be equipped with an anti-pulling device. The force of the fixed support or bracket must be greater than the axial force, otherwise the anti-pull device should also be installed.

2. You can choose to use the working pressure according to your own pipeline: 0.25mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, 4.0Mpa flexible rubber joint, the connection size refers to the "flange size table".

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