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How to choose the right bellow compensator
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How to choose the right bellow compensator

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Before selecting the type, it is necessary to communicate with professional designers, calculate according to the measured data of the actual situation, and list the nominal diameter, medium, compensation method and compensation amount of the appropriate compensator, high and low temperature resistance range, high resistance low pressure range, connection port size, etc., then proceed to the following:

1. Select the appropriate material, according to the working environment of the compensator, the chemical properties of the flowing medium in the pipeline, whether it is corrosive, and the degree of corrosiveness, select the corrosion-resistant material; according to the working temperature of the pipeline, high resistance The degree of low temperature, combined with the high and low pressure resistance of the working environment of the pipeline, combined with the above, select the material of the compensator with appropriate thickness.

2. Select the appropriate wave number, according to the use of the bellows, the amount of compensation and other factors, consider the fatigue times of the compensator under the action of stress, and select the corresponding wave number that is suitable for small deformation stress and fatigue resistance.

3. Whether it is necessary to add a guide device, according to the long working time of some compensators, the column instability will occur, and some guide devices should be added.

4. Whether to strengthen the ring, according to some compensators to adapt to higher working pressure, appropriately increase the strengthening ring or multi-layer structure. The reinforcement ring is a local reinforcement, and the multi-layer structure is an overall reinforcement.

5. Connection mode, according to the port of compensator and pipeline or corresponding equipment, flange connection, clamp connection and welding connection can be selected. When choosing a flange connection, you must select the appropriate flange according to the diagram. The flange technology must meet the corresponding standards. In actual operation, the wrong flange is often selected. You must pay attention to this. Affect the use of the entire pipeline, resulting in the loss of the compensator and the pipeline.

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