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Introduction and function of sleeve compensator
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Introduction and function of sleeve compensator

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Introduction of sleeve compensator

Sleeve compensator, also known as tubular expansion joint, is mainly composed of sleeve, shell, sealing material etc. It is a compensator installed in any pipeline that transports non-corrosive unidirectional or multidirectional fluid directly. Axial thermal expansion displacement absorption occurs after the auxiliary installation of linear pipelines, is a compensation device for thermal fluid pipelines and is widely used in transportation pipelines in urban heating, metallurgy, mining, power generation, petrochemical, and construction industries. The direct-buried sleeve compensator can be buried in the ground directly,and there is no need for a maintenance well during installation, and the construction cost is low.

Sleeve compensator is a kind of compensation element. It uses the effective expansion and contraction deformation of its working body bellows to absorb the dimensional changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction of pipelines, pipes, and containers, or compensate axial, lateral, and angular thermal deformation in pipelines and containers.

The sleeve compensator is used to compensate the axial expansion, contraction of the pipeline and the axial rotation at any angle. It has the characteristics of small volume and large compensation amount, it is suitable for hot water, steam, and grease media to achieve compensation of thermal expansion. The sleeve compensator is designed with an anti-breaking device, which can ensure that it is not pulled apart when it is retracted to the extreme position,thereby improving the safety of the entire pipeline network operation greatly.The inner sleeve of the sleeve compensator is connected to the pipeline,it adopts the principle and structure of a high-performance self-pressing dynamic seal,it can slide in the shell with the expansion and contraction of the pipeline freely,and can meet the sealing requirements of any pipeline.The shell and the inner sleeve are sealed with a new synthetic material, which can withstand high temperatures, corrosion and aging.


The compensator is mainly used to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline and has the following functions

1. Compensate the axial,lateral and angular thermal deformation of the absorption pipe.

2. The amount of expansion and contraction of the corrugated compensator is convenient for the installation and removal of the pipeline.

3. Absorb equipment vibration to reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the pipeline.

4. Absorb the deformation of the pipeline caused by earthquakes and ground subsidence.


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