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Learn more about sleeve compensators
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Learn more about sleeve compensators

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Learn more about sleeve compensators

      Sleeve compensator is a compensation device for hot fluid pipelines, which is mainly used for axial thermal expansion displacement absorption compensation after auxiliary installation of linear pipelines. It is suitable for hot water, steam, grease and other mediums. The thermal expansion compensation can be achieved through the sliding movement of the sliding sleeve compensator.

      Sleeve compensator is suitable for medium engineering pressure≤2.5MPa, medium temperature -40 ℃ ~ 600 ℃.

      The sleeve compensator uses a new type of flexible graphite ring as the sealing material, which has the characteristics of high strength, small friction coefficient (0.04 ~ 0.10), no aging, good effect and convenient maintenance.

      The sleeve compensator has a long service life, and the fatigue life is equivalent to that of pipeline. The sliding surface is specially treated, and has good corrosion resistance in brine, salt solution and other environments, which is more than 50 times higher than austenitic stainless steel. At the same time, when the sealing effect is weakened due to wear after many years, the flange can be tightened again to enhance the sealing performance, or the bolt can be loosened, the pressure ring can be removed, and then one or two layers of seal ring can be installed to press the pressure ring,continue to use.

      The sleeve compensator has no requirement for chloride ion content, and is especially suitable for systems with medium or ambient environment chloride ion exceeding the standard.

      The sleeve compensator is divided into one-way type and two-way type compensation structure. The two-way type is characterized in that the sliding sleeves at both ends of the compensator always slide freely regardless of where the medium flows from, so as to achieve a two-way compensation function and increase the compensation amount.


Installation of sleeve compensator

     1. When the compensator is installed,check its specifications are whether consistent with the order firstly.

     2, The sliding sleeve of the one-way compensator should be installed at the inflow end of the medium.

     3. The pipe section welded between the new sleeve compensator and the two ends of the compensator must be beveled. After welding, the hydraulic pressure test should be performed according to the acceptance specification, and the pressure is 1.5 times the working pressure. If the sealing device leaks during the pressure test, the bolts should be tightened evenly until there is no leakage.

     4. The compensator is installed along the centerline of the pipeline, with different axes greater than 1% to prevent excessive friction during operation and affecting sealability.

     5. A guide sliding support should be provided near the pipeline of the compensator to prevent lateral displacement.

     6. Pay attention to protect the sliding surface. Do not bump or corrode.

     7. The outer sleeve of the bidirectional compensator should be supported by a fixed support and kept concentric with the pipeline.The compensation distances on both sides should be approximately the same.

     8. The compensator can be installed according to the length under various temperatures, without pre-tensioning or pre-pressing (the length is the product length).


Note the following items when using the sleeve compensator

     1. Check the model, specifications and configuration of the pipeline firstly before installing the sleeve compensator, which must be performed according to the design requirements.

     2. For compensators that need to be “cold-tightened”, the auxiliary components used in pre-deformation can be removed after the pipeline installation is completed.

     3. During the installation of the sleeve compensator, do not allow the welding slag to splash on the surface of the wave shell, and pay attention to protect the wave shell from other mechanical damage.

     4. After the infrequently piping system is installed, the auxiliary positioning components and fasteners used for installation and transportation on the sleeve compensator should be removed as soon as possible, and the limiter of the compensator should be adjusted to the design requirements. Prescribed positions to allow adequate compensation for the piping system.

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