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Let's learn about transverse ripple compensator together
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Let's learn about transverse ripple compensator together

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There are several popular transverse corrugated expansion joints, such as: large tie rod corrugated compensator, small tie rod corrugated compensator, pulverized coal three-way corrugated expansion joint three-dimensional corrugated compensator, etc. As well as tie rods and other parts, it can absorb the lateral displacement in any plane of the piping system. When the lateral displacement occurs, the spherical nut and spherical washer on the pull rod rotate, and the pull rod also has the ability to bear the internal pressure thrust.

       It is mainly used in the L and Z pipeline positions of the pipeline. Special attention is to install the axial compensator with the corresponding compensation amount on the branch pipeline where the large tie rod transverse corrugated compensator is installed (a fixed bracket should be added in front of the axial compensator), in order to reduce the lateral deformation of the transverse corrugated compensator.

1. The large tie-rod transverse corrugated expansion joint belongs to the universal transverse type. In addition to being able to withstand large transverse deformation, it can also absorb the thermal deformation of the intermediate long pipe. If it is not necessary to balance the thrust of the internal pressure with a tie rod, it can also compensate for the axial deformation from the pipeline, which is the so-called "universal expansion joint". Since the bending and axial deformation occur at the same time and the axial deformation is borne by the two bellows, their deformation is required to be limited on the expansion joint structure, so as to evenly distribute the deformation of the bellows, so that their respective The amount of deformation does not exceed the rated value.

2. When other transverse corrugated expansion joints need to balance the internal pressure thrust by the tie rod, it can perform transverse and self thermal deformation compensation. If the tie rod is not needed to balance the internal pressure thrust, it can bear axial compensation, which is also a kind of universal expansion joint.

Lateral expansion joints have the following advantages:

(1) Large displacement compensation can be performed; 

(2) The axial force caused by internal pressure is balanced by its own tie rod and hinge, making its bracket a secondary fixed bracket, reducing the cost of the bracket; 

(3) The horizontal tie rod also has the ability to absorb The ability of axial deformation can play its role in pipelines with more complicated deformation; 

(4) its greater advantage is that due to the protection of the structure by tie rods and hinges, the installation error or even accident of the pipeline is not like axial Expansion joints are so sensitive that sometimes even if there is a pipeline accident, the expansion joint will not be damaged.

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