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Metal Hose Terminology
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Metal Hose Terminology

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Annular – A Hose profile that is designed so each convolution is a separate circle or ring.

Braid – Woven wire cover placed over hose which prevents elongation of the hose and permits higher working pressure.

Close Pitch- More corrugations per foot which renders the longest fatigue life and minimum bend radius.

Constant Flexing Bend Radius – The minimum radius to which a hose can be repeatedly bent and render satisfactory flexure life.

Constant Motion- Motion that occurs on a regular cyclic basis at a constant travel.

Fittings- Parts attached to the ends of metal hose so that it can be connected other components such as flanges,unions, nipples,etc.

Flow Velocity – When the flow velocity exceeds 75 ft./second liquid, 150 ft./second gas in braided hose, a flexible metal liner should be used.

Intermittent Motion – Motion that occurs on a regular or irregular cyclic basis.

Maximum Test Pressure – Maximum pressure hose assembly should be subject to for testing pruposes. Based on 150% of the Maximum Working Pressure.

Media  Conveyant in a hose assembly such as gases , liquids, etc.

Operating Conditions – Temperature,Pressure, Media,Motion and Application involved.

Random Motion - Uncontrolled motion that occurs usually from manual handling of hose.

Relad Burst Pressure - Pressure at which hose can be expected to fail. Braid will normaly fail before core burst.

Safety Factor - Difference between working pressure and rated burst pressure.

Shock or Pulsating Pressure - Shock,pulsating or surge pressure can cause premature failure of hose.

Static Bend - Minimum center bend radius to which flexible metal hose may be bent for installation.

Vibration - High frequency,low amplitude.

Working Temperature - Temperature to which hose will be subjected ruing operation. 

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