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Metal corrugated hose
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Metal corrugated hose

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Metal corrugated hose

The metal hose is composed of inner and outer layers, connecting pipes and corrugated pipes. The material is divided into 201, 304 and 316. The latest national standard for metal hoses is "General Technical Requirements for Corrugated Metal Hoses" (GB/T14525-2010), which will be implemented on October 1, 2011.


1. The respective functions of the three bellows are the main body of the metal hose, which plays a flexible role; the net sleeve plays the role of strengthening and shielding; the joint plays the role of connection. For different usage requirements.

      1.1 Mesh sleeve: The mesh sleeve is woven by a number of intersecting metal wires or several strands of metal strips in a certain order, and is sleeved on the outer surface of the metal corrugated pipe at a specified angle, which plays a role of strengthening and shielding.

      1.2 Joint: The function of the joint is to connect the mesh sleeve and the corrugated pipe as a whole. At the same time, the joint is the part that connects the metal hose with the metal hose or other pipe fittings and equipment. It ensures that the medium works normally in the pipeline system. The material of the joint is usually the same as the material of the corrugated pipe and the mesh sleeve, mostly stainless steel. In order to reduce production costs, some metal hoses with large diameters can be made of carbon steel when transporting non-corrosive or non-corrosive media; for metal hoses working in corrosive media, if the design is Take corresponding measures to avoid contact with the medium. It can also be made of carbon steel. To


2. The connection methods are different: the bellows, the mesh sleeve and the joint are connected in the form of welding, which is called welding; the connection in the form of mechanical clamping is called mechanical clamping; in addition, there are two kinds of The combination of methods is called hybrid.

      2.1 Threaded type: The joints of metal hoses with a diameter of 50 mm or less are mostly threaded under the condition of high working pressure. When the threads are tightened, the inner and outer taper surfaces of the two joints Tightly cooperate to achieve sealing.

      2.2 Flange type: The joint of the metal hose with a diameter of 25 mm or more, under the condition of general working pressure, is mainly the flange type, which is sealed in the form of tongue and groove fit. The loop flange, which can rotate in the radial direction or slide in the axial direction, connects the two bodies under the action of the tension of the fastening bolts. The structure has good sealing performance, but it is difficult to process, and the sealing surface is easily scratched. In special occasions where quick removal is required, the holes through which the fastening bolts pass can be cut to make a quick release flange.

      2.3 Quick type: The joints of various metal hoses with a diameter of less than 100 mm generally adopt the quick type under the conditions of use that require quick loading and unloading. It is usually sealed with an "O"-shaped sealing ring made of fluoroplastic or special rubber. When the handle is moved to a certain angle, the claw fingers equivalent to the multi-threaded are locked; the tighter the "O"-shaped sealing ring is pressed, the better the sealing performance. This structure is most suitable for fire scenes, battlefields and other occasions where quick loading and unloading are required. In a few seconds, a set of joints can be connected or disconnected without using any special tools. The inner layer of the plastic-coated metal hose is made of stainless steel hose or galvanized hose and special insulation treatment, and the outer layer is made of PVC material (anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging).

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