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Notes on installing the corrugated compensator
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Notes on installing the corrugated compensator

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1. Before installing the compensator, check its model, specification and pipeline configuration, and it must meet the design requirements.

2. For the compensator with inner sleeve, attention should be paid to make the direction of the inner sleeve consistent with the flow direction of the medium, and the hinge rotation plane of the hinge type compensator should be consistent with the displacement rotation plane.

3. For the compensator that needs to be "cold tight", the auxiliary components used for pre-deformation should be removed after the pipeline is installed.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use the method of deformation of the corrugated compensator to adjust the installation tolerance of the pipeline, so as not to affect the normal function of the compensator, reduce the service life and increase the load of the piping system, equipment and supporting components.

5. During the installation process, the welding slag is not allowed to splash on the surface of the wave shell, and the wave shell is not allowed to suffer other mechanical damage.

6. After the installation of the piping system is completed, the yellow auxiliary positioning components and fasteners used for installation and transportation on the corrugated compensator should be removed as soon as possible, and the limiting device should be adjusted to the specified position according to the design requirements, so that the piping system has good performance under environmental conditions. adequate compensation capacity.

7. All movable components of the compensator shall not be stuck by external components or limit their range of activities, and the normal operation of each movable part shall be ensured.

8. During the hydraulic test, the secondary fixed pipe frame with the end of the compensator pipeline should be reinforced so that the pipeline does not move or rotate. For the compensator used for gas medium and its connecting pipeline, pay attention to whether it is necessary to add a temporary support when filling with water. The 96 chloride ion content of the water cleaning solution for the hydrostatic test does not exceed 25PPM.

9. After the hydraulic test, the accumulated water in the wave shell should be drained as soon as possible, and the inner surface of the wave shell should be dried quickly.

10. The insulation material in contact with the bellows of the compensator should not contain chlorine.

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