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Relationship between compensator and valve
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Relationship between compensator and valve

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The bellows compensator and valve are both pressure pipeline components. When they’re used in pipelines separately, the bellows compensator does not belong to the valve, but when the bellows compensator is connected as a part of the valve with other parts, the bellows compensator belongs to the core component of a pressure element of the valve. With the deformability and pressure-tightness of the corrugated tube to perform pumping, lateral and angular displacement, and bears the fluid pressure of the system. All other components are structures components, which play the role of guidance, support, connection, and diversion. According to the design and use requirements, the bellows and related structural parts are welded into different types of corrugated expansion joints in the axial, lateral and angular directions according to the required structure. Metal compensators are widely used in various piping systems to compensate for axial, lateral and angular displacements caused by temperature and pressure fluctuations.


Advantages of bellows compensator

1. With the help of computer, it has accurate size, no trace surface and compact structure;

2. Large compensation amount;

3. The surface without traces will not leak;

4. Corrosion resistance makes long life;

5. The compact structure makes it easy to install;

6. Reliable product quality.


Non-metal corrugated compensators are also called soft rubber joints, soft rubber connections, and the valve section is behind the valve, in front of the water meter or the valve that needs protection. The rubber compensator is installed on the pipeline and can be connected to the valve. The soft rubber joint is mainly used to compensate the shrinkage of the pipeline and reduce the damage caused by pipeline vibration to other equipment. The rubber compensator is mostly used in pump rooms and pipes with severe vibration. Connections to pumps and valves, pipes with large vibrations, and pipelines with frequent changes in cold and heat.


In short, it is vibration reduction and noise reduction. Because the pump has a large vibration when it is started, if it is a rigid connection, it is easy to pull off, and the rubber joint can absorb the vibration generated by the pump or the valve, which is convenient for pipeline connection. There are three types of connection methods: loose flange type, fixed flange type and thread type. According to the structure, it can be divided into 5 types: single sphere, double sphere, reducer, eccentric reducer, curved sphere and fan coil. It consists of inner and outer layers of rubber, ply and traveller, which form a tubular rubber piece. After vulcanization, it is combined with a metal flange or a parallel joint loose sleeve.

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