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Round non-metal fiber fabric expansion joint
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Round non-metal fiber fabric expansion joint

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Non-metallic fabric compensators are mainly composed of non-metallic belts, thermal insulation materials and steel structures. Among them, non-metallic belts are optimized by combining non-metallic materials with excellent properties such as fiber fabrics, silicone rubber, fluorine materials etc. Performance indicators such as compensation amount, tightness, corrosion resistance and life can be compared with similar foreign products. The non-metal fabric compensators produced by our company are widely used in the smoke of power, metallurgy, environmental protection, cement building materials, petrochemical and other industries. It can replace imported products in roads, ventilation ducts, and projects that require vibration isolation and soft connections,saving a lot of foreign exchange and achieving good economic and social benefits.


The main features of non-metal fabric compensators are as follows

1. Compensation for thermal expansion.It can compensate for multi-dimensional directions, which is much better than metal compensators that can only compensate in one dimension.

2. Compensation for installation errors. Due to the inevitable system errors during pipeline connection, non-metal fabric compensators can eliminate installation errors better .

3. No reverse thrust, because the main body material is non-metal, there is no thrust transmission. Using non-metal fabric compensators can simplify the design, avoid the use of large supports, and save a lot of materials and labor.

4. Good high temperature and corrosion resistance.The fluoroplastics and silicone materials used have good high temperature and corrosion resistance.

5. Good sealing. There is a relatively complete production and assembly system, and the non-metallic fabric compensator has basically no leakage.

6. Light weight, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

7. The price is lower than the metal compensator, the quality is better than the imported product.


Installation requirements for circular non-metal fiber fabric expansion joints

1. The flange bolts should be tightened gradually and evenly under pressure, the looseness of all bolts should be as consistent as possible.In the case of harsh conditions, spring washers can be added in addition to the flat pads to prevent the nuts from loosening.

2. The corresponding rubber asbestos gasket should be selected between the compensator and the matching flat welding flange according to the operating temperature.

3. During trial operation, the compensator limit screw should be adjusted to facilitate product extension and compression properly.

4. When connecting the welded pipe, the limit screw should be loosened to prevent the limit plate of the compensator from being bent or the product deformed properly.

5. Cover the rubber (fabric) surface during welding to prevent welding slag from damaging the product.

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