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Sample Expansion joint Specification
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Sample Expansion joint Specification

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Sample Expansion joint Specification

1. General

This specification along with the purchase order,expansion joint data sheet,and drawings delineate the requirements for the design , fabrication, and testing of the expansion joint.


2. Design

2.1 The bellows shall be designed in accordance with the design equations for unreinforced and reinforced bellows as specified in Section C of The Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufactures.

2.2 If reinforcement of the bellows is necessary for pressure,the reinforcing rings shall be formed integrally with the bellows.No bolted-on control devices such as equalizing rings shall be used.

2.3 Expansion joints weighing more than 500 pounds shall be provided with lifting lugs.


3. Materials

3.1 Expansion joint materials shall be as specified on the expansion joint data sheet.Material certifications shall be available for inspection.


4. Fabrication

4.1 Bellows shall be formed from seamless or longitudinally butt welded cylinders.If welded ,the butt weld must be planished to within 10% of the original sheet thickness.

4.2 Bellows convolutions shall be U shaped and formed with an even pitch and height .Circumferential welds joining one convolution to another arent permitted.

4.3 Bellows Shall we provided in the as formed unannealed condition.

4.4 End connections are to match the adjacent piping as specified on the data sheet.

4.5 All welding shall be in accordance with ASME Section IX or AWS DI.I.


5. Quality Assurance

5.1 The expansion joint manufacturer must maintain a quality assurance system.A copy of the Quality Assurance Manufal must be made available upon request.

5.2 All of the non-destructive examination requirements are specified on the expansion joint data sheet.The manufacturer must have written procedures for each type of non-destructive examination specified.


6. Additional Requirements

6.1 Each expansion joint shall be provided with a stainless steel nameplate indicating the date of manufacture,design rating of the expansion joint and any other information required by the purchase order.

6.2 When the expansion joint is supplied with an internal sleeve , the flow direction must be indicated and be plainly visible on the outside of the joint.

6.3 All surfaces of the expansion joint shall be thoroughly cleaned of dirt,grease,oil and all foreign matter.

6.4 Shipping bars shall be installed on the expansion joint to maintain the proper shipping length.Shipping bars are to be painted yellow.

6.5 Each expansion joint shall be tagged with recommended installation instructions.


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