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Skin procurement standard
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Skin procurement standard

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Skin procurement standard

1. The spare parts purchased by Party B must fully meet the technical parameters of Party A. The size of each component, overall size, and assembly size must meet the matching requirements. Otherwise, all responsibilities shall be borne by Party B. (The basic parameter size is for reference only, and the actual measurement size on site shall prevail)

2. The cover of the expansion joint meets the technical requirements of the GB/T12777 standard and the electric power industry standard "Typical Design Manual of Smoke and Air Pulverized Coal Piping Parts" (D-LD2000) edition. Its material selection and structure should meet the requirements of temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy and sealing.

3. Three cloths and four glues are used for one-piece vulcanization molding, the corners are hot-pressed and vulcanized to shape, and the tent is shipped. And to ensure that it is completely consistent with the flange size on site.

4. Skin thickness: ≥8mm, design pressure 5000Pa, design temperature 220℃.

5. Requirements: One-piece vulcanization molding, expansion joint fluorine rubber content not less than 76%; Party A is responsible for the inspection and acceptance of the skin after the material arrives.

6. The expansion joint materials arranged horizontally on the clean flue should consider anti-corrosion, acid corrosion resistance (liquid accumulation), and good performance.

7. The seal between the installed expansion joint and the flue is 100% tight.

8. The non-metallic compensator is installed in the No. 7 desulfurization flue, which requires high operating reliability and must ensure product quality.

9. The life span of the compensator skin is not less than 5 years

10. Regulations, norms and standards

The design, material and manufacturing of the compensator skin shall comply with the relevant national standards and ministerial standards or standards of the importing country currently in use. These standards and specifications include:

(1) National standard/GB/T12777-91;

(2) National Standard/GB3323-91.

11. Before leaving the factory, the compensator skin should be subjected to pressure test and air tightness test according to relevant standards, and intermediate inspection and finished product inspection should be carried out in accordance with relevant standards, and an experience report should be provided.

12. Scope of supply: In addition to the expansion joint skin (after drilling or the on-site personnel cooperated with the drilling), it also includes the sealing gasket required for installation and the sealant for installation and construction.

13. Due to the slight deviation of the installation dimensions of the on-site flue expansion joints, the manufacturer needs to survey and verify on-site.

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