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Types and functions of metal compensators
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Types and functions of metal compensators

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Types and functions of metal compensators

The metal compensator is a compensating device, which uses the effective expansion and contraction of the elastic element bellows to absorb the dimensional changes caused by the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage caused by the temperature of the pipeline, and belongs to a compensating element. The use of corrugated compensator is mainly used to compensate the axial, longitudinal and angular offset of absorption pipeline and equipment production, such as cooling offset, mechanical offset, vibration reduction and noise reduction of suction pipeline, equipment and system.

Material of metal compensator

The metal compensator is mainly composed of a guide tube, a bellows, a flange and a tie rod. Usually, the material of the bellows is determined after knowing the conveyed medium and temperature. The manufacturing material of the metal compensator is mainly stainless steel. High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance can ensure that the metal compensator can play its due life normally. Stainless steel materials are divided into 304, 316L, 321 and 310S for customers to choose and use. The high temperature resistance value of each stainless steel material is different. When manufacturing metal compensators, it needs to be confirmed according to the working conditions of the pipeline.

Classification of metal compensators

There are three types of compensators: axial type, horizontal type and angular type, and there are tens of thousands of models. The more commonly used are: single axial type; external pressure axial type; direct buried type; one-time direct buried type; single and double hinge type; single and double universal type; ; Rectangular corrugated compensator, and non-metallic compensator.

1. Elbow compensator: It is an expansion joint that uses the elastic deformation ability of the body to compensate. Its advantages are good strength, long life, and can be made on site, but its disadvantages are large space occupation, high consumption of steel and high frictional resistance. This kind of expansion joint is widely used in various steam pipelines and long pipelines.

2. Bellows compensator: It is an expansion joint made of metal bellows. It can expand and contract along the axis of the pipe and also allow a small amount of bending. Generally used for pipelines with low temperature and pressure and short length.

3. Sleeve type compensator: It is composed of inner and outer casings that can make relative axial movement. A stuffing box is used to seal between the inner and outer casings. When in use, keep both ends of the tube moving on an axis.

The compensator is a component installed on the pipeline to absorb thermal expansion and contraction and other displacements of the pipeline. Commonly used compensators are square compensators, bellows compensators, sleeve compensators and spherical compensators. Since the thermal pipeline made of steel and other metals has a relatively large change in its length during thermal expansion and contraction, when designing and installing thermal pipelines, it should be ensured that the pipeline can expand and contract freely, otherwise the pipeline will generate huge heat. The stress will cause the pipeline to rupture and the flange joint surface to be loose, resulting in leakage and damage to the support and hanger. For this reason, the pipeline should be thermally compensated.

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