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Welcome to visit Fustar Homepage

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Fustar is a professional manufacturer who focus on the designing,producing,and application of bellow compensators and metal hoses.We always hold the unlimited service belief,aim at every sort of pipeline vibrations and thermal expansions or the stress reductions caused by the earthquake,design and project with overall thinking for you .

       Our bellow compensators structure is according to EJMA strictly,and their quality absolutely meets to the standard GB/T12777-2008.And metal hoses are designed in accordance with GB/T14525-2010 for producing and approved by the ISO9001 certification.
       DN6-800 mm stainless steel metal hose is approved by ISO7314-2002 standard and GB/T14525-2010 standard.
       DN32-8000 mm corrugated expansion joint design is according to the expansion joint association EJMA standards and GB/T12777-2008 standard.
       Since the 21st century, we focus on the international first-class technology market, scaling new heights in the field of extroversion development, promote the ability of the products to enter the international market rapidly. Metal hose, bellows expansion joint, and other products has been exported to USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia ,Vietnam, Singapore,Canada and other countries. 

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Add: City East Development Zone,Jiangyan Area,Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Mobile(WhatsApp): 86-17321605009
Tel: 86-523-88588220
Fax: 86-523-88588220
Email: sales@jsbellows.com
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