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16JR1”/3/4”--500MM Threaded Flexible Interlock Hose
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16JR1”/3/4”--500MM Threaded Flexible Interlock Hose

Name: 16JR1”/3/4”--500MM Threaded Flexible Interlock Hose
Construction:Inner bellows+Outer interlock hose+End fittings
End fittings: Female threaded nuts
Material: stainless steel SS304,SS316L
Working pressure: 16bar
Price: $ 38

  • 16JR1”/3/4”--500MM
  • Fustar
  • 83071000

Threaded Flexible Interlock Hose 
We design and manufacture a wide variety of custom stainless steel flexible metal interlock hose.Flexible interlock hoses are generally used in high pressure applications applications,for medium of air,water,natural gas,molten sulfur,oil etc.Fustar offers medium flexibility and high pressure versions depending on the need of the application.

We provide additional services such as adding special protective covers or guards,identification gas for hose tracking,or lining corrugated hose with interlock hose for additional resistance.

For the 16JR1”/3/4”--500MM threaded flexible interlock hose ,the liner SS316 bellow is used to help protect the hose corrugations.Eliminates material build-up and reduces damage caused by abrasion.


16JR1”/3/4”--500MM Threaded Flexible Interlock Hose Construction and Material

Interlock hose


Size: One end 1" ,another end 3/4"

Total length: 500mm 

Inner bellows: Stainless steel SS316

Outer interlock hose: Stainless steel SS304

End fitting: Female threaded nut 

Female threaded nut: Stainless steel SS316

Working pressure: 16bar 

Features and Advantages

· Abrasion resistant and durable --- stainless steel construction protects metal and rubber hoses hoses from external abrasion

· Corrosion resistant --- 304,316 stainless version resists corrosion allowing it to be left in the elements

· Heat resistant --- can withstand very high temperatures allowing for the transfer of hot materials

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