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DN40-3000MM Butt Welded Flexible Metal Hose
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DN40-3000MM Butt Welded Flexible Metal Hose

Butt welded flexible hose is widely used in areas like heating ,ventilation,conditioning systems,irons and steel industry, chemical and petrochemical facilities,oil and gas refineries,chemistry and food industries,aircraft and ship construction facilities.
Connection welding tube: Stainless steel SS304
Inner bellows:Stainless steel SS304
Braids:Stainless steel SS304
Price: $ 40

  • DN40-3000MM

  • Fustar

  • 83071000

DN40-3000MM Butt Welded Flexible Metal Hose

For the butt welded flexible metal hose,corrugation design annular hose is formed from tubing into individual parallel corrugations.

Wire braid on the flexible metal hose assembly provides higher pressure capability by acting as a restaint against hose elongation and acts to dampen vibration.The butt welded metal hose allows for the transfer of water,gases,oil or liquids,usually at high or cryogenic temperature and high working pressure,while remaining flexible.


drawing of threaded flexible metal hose


1 Lap joint: Stainless steel SS304

2 Bellows: Stainless steel SS304

3 Wire braids: Stainless steel SS304

Name: Butt Welded Flexible Metal Hose

Normal diameter: DN40

Total length: 3000mm

Type of the corrugated hoses:Stainless (corrosionless),SUS304,high pressure,the corrugated hoses should be fat-free for work with liquid and gaseous oxygen

Type of the sylphon framework:Standard flexibility,average weight

Type of an external cover: the stainless single-thickness outer braid

Type internal protective/conductive cover: the braid is absent

Type of the end fittings: the end connection for welding by the stainless steel,

                                      the strengthened end-cutting seal with the spatial separation of the welded seams for the braid and sylphon.

Working pressure of the corrugated hoses: not below 6 kgf/cm2

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welded flexible metal hose


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