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FM approved fire sprinkler flexible hose without bracket
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FM approved fire sprinkler flexible hose without bracket

Fire sprinkler hose and connection kit can be safely used in fire extinguishing systems due to its structure not being affected by seismic motions and the braided hose's resistance to heat and pressure.
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FM Approved Fire Sprinkler Flexible Hose Without Bracket
The fire sprinkle flexible hose without bracket is our hot sale. Fire Sprinkler Flexible Hose that provide the connection between the fire line and the sprinkler which are not affected by seismic movements. So the fire sprinkle hose can work normally in geographical changes. Specially designed connection apparatus; minimizing work periods and costs associated with time while enabling safe assembly without putting loads on ceilings at high pressures. It make fire sprinkler flexible hoses become more and more popular. The sprinkler connection hoses which are preferred to be used in public areas, high building where fire fighting is difficult and where fire load is high(e.g. hospital, hotels, shopping malls, etc.) can provide lifelong use in fire installations when installed properly. Our FM approved fire sprinkle flexible hoses are anti-corrosion, cost-effective and convenient. Besides fire sprinkler hoses, we also have corrugated fire sprinkler flexible hose, metal fire sprinkler flexible hose, building fire sprinkler hose and so on. 


Material Features
Bellow Hose AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Sprinkler Connection AISI304/AISI316
Extension Pipe AISI304/AISI316
Braiding wire AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Fire Line Connections AISI304/AISI316/Carbon Steel
Connection Adapter Carbon Steel
Nominal Diameter DN20(3/4”) ,DN25(1”)
Connection 1” nipple x 1/2” Special sprinkler head connection 1” nipple x 3/4” (Optional)
Standard Length 500mm-700mm-1000mm-1500mm-2000mm
Friction Losses and Specifications
Hose Length Input End Output End Max.No of 90 Bends Max. Pressure
0.5M 1 inch 1/2 inch 3 20 bar
0.7M 1 inch 1/2 inch 4 20 bar
1.0M 1 inch 1/2 inch 4 20 bar
1.5M 1 inch 1/2 inch 4 20 bar
2.0M 1 inch 1/2 inch 4 20 bar


1. FM cerfification
2. Reduce the error produced by traditional hard tube configuration of stress effectively, and then reduce the crack occurs.
3. Allow the main hard tube and the relative displacement between the ceiling skeleton, and at the time of the earthquake, which can effectively reduce the skeleton line or crack caused by the excessive stress, will affect air tight.
4.Non-pollution:Stainless steel construction requires without painting or epoxy coating on side.
5.Simple Installation: 10 times faster than using conventional system, save time, save costs, faster clean room certification and running.
6.Good Flexibility: Eliminate potential leaks and protect gel seals during seismic activity, Allow the independent way between ceiling grids 
and main water pipe. Eliminate ceilings stress and leak due to misaligned hard-piped installation.
7. Easy Relocation:No downtime while sprinklers head are being moved to accommodate tool or floor-plane configuration.
8.Safety: stainless steel to sure in case the fire break out the sprinkler system works without blockage.

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