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Filling Type Spherical Compensator
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Filling Type Spherical Compensator

Packing bin assembly: Carbon steel
Sphere/Screw bolt/Nut: Carbon steel
Supported flange: ANSI,DIN,JIS,BS, SS304/Carbon steel
  • DN50~DN1000
  • Fustar
  • 73072900

Filling Type Spherical Compensator

Filling type spherical compensator is suitable for straight line pipe, to solve issues of uneven subsidence foundation, earthquakes, vibration and other factors which cause high stress and deformation and so on. In spite of its narrow scope of application, the filling type spherical compensator can deal with a lot of problems. Filling type spherical compensator mainly consists of ball, coat set, rear, spherical bearings, stuffing chamber and check injection material combination etc, in general, the filling type spherical compensator is composed of 2-3 in one group to use. About compensator, you can also scan other products, like nonmetallic flexible bellows compensator, teflon bellows compensator, carbon steel compensator and so on. We have many different compensators, just click and buy it.

Structural Features

Spherical compensator, mainly rely on the angular displacement of sphere to absorb or compensate lateral displacement from one or more directions.
Spherical compensator have large amount of compensation, no blind plate force, with small force on fixed pipe support.During the design for strength of main fixed pipe rack,it ‘s no need to consider blind plate forces. It can be with a combination of sealing technology, achive long-term and reliable sealing.
Spherical compensator should be only used as two or three pieces in one group,to absorb or compensate lateral displacement of pipe. Single spherical compensator does not have compensation capacity, make used for universal joint in pipeline.

Main Technical Parameters
· Working pressure 0.6 ~ 4.0MPa,
· Working temperature: -50 ~ 350 ,
· Medium: hot water, cooling water, steam , gas (liquid),gas-solid (coal, ash) two-phase mixtures etc.
Installation Notes

       When choose double ball filling, you must choice X reasonable to control Fy within allowable range, in particularly to pre-select folding angle installation, when subjected to the venue or other restrictions can not achieve a reasonable value of X, should adopt a flexible support hanger to reduce Fy or taking the program of three ball filling.
       When the injection filling are horizontally arranged,set platform for DN≥300mm products with a low friction sliding bearings, avoid the pipe sagging due to the weight of ball.
       When the injection filling are vertically arranged, it’s better the bare sphere down-wards, if arrange spherical upward as medium flow, the surface of the ball should be protected.
       For early pre-bending angle product, it should be noted bending direction during installation.

Spherical compensator is mainly used in pipe bend part, urban central heating pipes, heat power plant steam pipes, large-scale power plant boiler powder feeding and ash discharge pipes, metallurgical industry air (gas) pipelines, various cooling pipes, and other variety of thermal expansion and contraction channels etc.


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