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High vacuum LF(ISO) connection type vacuum hose
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High vacuum LF(ISO) connection type vacuum hose

Fustar vacuum hose assemblies are available in bore sizes from 1/4" up to 8",with a side range of end connections available in a choise of either mild steel or stainless steel such as threaded males and females,fixed and swivel flanges,cam fittings and adaptors.
Materials: SS304,SS316L,SS321
  • 1"

  • Fustar

  • 83071000

High vacuum LF(ISO) connection type vacuum hose

High vacuum ISO flange vacuum hose follow international standards organization ISO standards. ISO flange connection vacuum hoses are commonly used to build process vacuum plumbing and systems for industrial applications. The fittings are quick to assemble using double claw clamps and a centering ring.The Viton centering ring contains NW-63,NW-80,NW-100,NW-160,NW-200,NW-250,NW-320,,NW-400,NW-500,NW-630.These ISO connection vacuum hoses are made of corrosive resistant stainless steel.

Standard Specifications

Hose SUS304, SUS316L
Tube end/Flange SUS304, SUS316L
Braid SUS304 or without Braid
Working PressureVacuum ~0.5Mpa ,vacuum~atmospheric pressure
Allowable Leak Rate1.33x10^10Pam3/sec or less

Vacuum Connection Type 
1. KF (NW) is applied in the vacuum system of the quick unloading flange, tube diameter is generally in 50mm (2 inches) or less, twist the wing nut simply by hand can be loosened or compressed for coupling.
2. CF is a flange connection for ultra-high vacuum, it’s metal static sealing, high sealing performance and low leakage rate, withstand high-temperature baking.
3. LF (ISO) connections that can be used from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum, often used in detachable applications. The tube diameter is generally more than 50mm (2 inches), ISO flange’s two common forms are ISO-K and ISO-F.

1. Vacuum hose tube is formed from strip welding, hydraulic forming, finished product assembly and leakage detect to ship.
2. Indicators of vacuum hose tube (Flexible Tube), can be produced according to customer’s indicator
3. Non-oxidation technology of welding, so it’s not need process of mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing which harmful for quality.
4. Fully automatic welding assembly to ensure product quality stability.
5. The vacuum hose’s working temperature range -196 ~ +450 ℃
6. Helium leakage rate: 5 * 10-10Pa • m3 / s or less
7. Vacuum hose can be welded with KF, ISO, CF, VGF, GB and non-standard flanges.
8. Provide rigid hose with small shrinkage and excellent flexibility hose to meet customer needs.
9. Mainly applied in aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, vacuum, electricity, gas and other industries.
Vacuum Hose A
· Vacuum pump vibration absorption
· Absorb displacement and installation of hard pipe
· Pipeline which can not be installed in rigid pipe system
· Research and development, samples of temporary piping system components,
· Add braids outside to produce high-pressure metal flexible hose



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