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4”--200mm Braided PTFE Expansion Joint
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4”--200mm Braided PTFE Expansion Joint

Braided PTFE expansion joint is usually used for chemical resistance in pipeline.The structure is with inner PTFE bellow, outer body of SS304 stainless steel braids,and ANSI,DIN,or JIS flanges in each end.It can withstand various concentrations of acid,alkali,salt,and the pressure of stainless steel compensator.
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  • 4”--200mm

  • Fustar

  • 73072900

4"--200mm Braided PTFE Expansion Joint 

SS304 stainless steel braided PTFE expansion joint provide compensation of vibrations and heat-induced expansion in the production line.PTFE bellows are constructed from uniform-walled isostatically molded PTFE and demonstrate a high level of design consistency throughout the production line,and the PTFE bellow convolutions allow the maximum absorption of movement. The SS304 stainless steel wire braid can be one ply,two ply as working pressure needed,to enhance the pressure bearing capacity. 

Technical Specification 

Diameter: 4"(DN100mm)

Total length: 200mm 

Bellows: PTFE 

Braids: Stainless steel SS304

Flange:JIS 10K,carbon steel, galvanized

Working Pressure:8 bar 

Working Temperature:100

Production Standard: GB/T12777-2008

Drawing of 4"--200mm Braided PTFE Expansion Joint 

ptfe drawing2

ptfe drawing

Features of PTFE Expansion Joints

• PTFE Properties: corrosion resistance, can withstand all the Strong acid (except the molten alkali metal, fluoride media and sodium hydroxide 300 ), strong oxidizing agents, reducing agents and   various organic solvents effect;
• Incombustible: limiting oxygen index
• Application: used to eliminate pipe or containers stretching or displacement caused by climate   change or other reasons; or used as a snubber installed in the import and export of pump or other   high frequency machinery to reduce or eliminate vibration;
• Insulation Resistance;
• Self Lubrication: has the minimal friction coefficient in plastics, is an ideal oil-free lubricating     materials;
• The surface is not sticky;
• High and low temperature resistance: working temperature can be -100~220
• Superior performance: good corrosion resistance, less business costs;
• Resistance to atmospheric aging, radiation resistance and low permeability: surface and performance remain unchanged even long-term exposed in the air.

The PTFE bellow expansion joint is widely used in chemical industry,pharmaceuticals industry,waste disposal and treatment companies,explosion-protected areas and so on. 


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