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Compression Type Universal Spherical Compensator
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Compression Type Universal Spherical Compensator

Packing bin assembly: Carbon steel
Sphere/Screw bolt/Nut: Carbon steel
Supported flange: ANSI,DIN,JIS,BS, SS304/Carbon steel
Working pressure: 0.6~30MPa
Working temperature: ≤500 ℃
  • DN200

  • Fustar

  • 73072900

Compression Type Universal Spherical Compensator
Compression universal spherical compensator, mainly rely on the angular displacement of sphere to absorb or compensate lateral displacement from one or more directions. The compression type universal spherical compensators should be used in pairs, there’s no compensation capability when single set compensator used, but the compression type universal spherical compensator can make use of universal joint pipeline. Large amount of compensation capacity, small fluid resistance and deformation stress, no blind plate force and the acting force on the fixed bearing is small. At the same time, add the filler device with this advanced technology, making the sealing performance of compression type universal spherical compensators more stable and reliable. Even leakage caused by long-running happens, you may not need to stop gas and reduce pressure to maintenance, it is very convenient and quick. Especially for heating of long-distance transport, there are obvious economic and social benefits. To match up the compression type universal spherical compensator, you can also think about expansion joint products, such as duct expansion joints, quick expansion joints, and anti-seismic expansion joints, they all have high quality. If you need it, please contact us.
1. Easy design and convenience installation, variety of layout forms such as horizontal, vertical, inclined and so on.
2. Large amount of compensation, small footprint, install in a distance of 200-500 meters as one group normally, small number of compensators and mounting brackets required and low costs of investment.
3. The sphere can be rotated around center of it, and also can be folded to bend in any direction, plurality of directions can be compensated.
4. Self-balance of internal pressure thrust or blind plates force, small force to the mounting bracket, not exist instability, water hammer phenomenon in pipeline.
5. High safety and good sealing performance, resistance to high temperature, high pressure and corrosion , high resilience, low coefficient of friction, long use life up to 30 years.
6., Overall welding, high-strength structure of spherical,strength of product is greatly increased.
7. Abrasion-resistant and high-hard glossy protective coating technology take on thesurface of sphere, to improve abrasion and corrosion resistance ability, reduce the frictional resistance of ball rotation greatly.
8. Easy maintenance,examine and repair under normal operating conditions with temperature and pressure can be achieved at any time.

Main Specifications
  · Working pressure: 0.6~30MPa
  · Working temperature: ≤500
  · Nominal diameter: DN40-DN1200mm
  · Full fold flexion angle: ≤30 ° (± 15 °)
  · Medium: steam, hot oil, hot water etc

This sphere compensator is a device to solve the thermal expansion and contraction of pipe, widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, power, light industry, textile, construction ,national defense construction and other industries, the specific purpose as following:
 · Used in heating pipeline, compensate to thermal expansion, the compensation capacity is 5-10 times to "Jiong" compensator.
 · Used in rocket launch pad, aircraft exhaust facilities, compensate to the impact of expansion.
 · Used in metallurgical equipment’s evaporative cooling systems(such as blast furnace, converter furnace, electric furnace, heat furnace etc.) as a universal joint to use.
 · Used in various pipes in buildings, to prevent uneven subsidence of ground or damage caused by earthquakes and other reasons to the pipeline.


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