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1300℃ high temperature resistant metal bellow expansion joint
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1300℃ high temperature resistant metal bellow expansion joint

Normal Diameter:DN100~DN6000mm
Connection Type :Flange or Welding
Materials: SUS309;SUS310S;Alloy;Inconel 625
Design Pressure: 0.1~2.5Mpa
Design Temperature: ≤1300℃
Application: Chemical,steel and mill,power plant,cement plant etc
Production Standard: GB/T12777-2008
  • DN1200
  • Fustar
  • 83071000

High Temperature Resistant Expansion Joint

         The line of HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT EXPANSION JOINTS offered by Fustar Bellows are rated up to 1300º F. The bellows in these high temperature expansion joints are manufactured with SUS309,SUS310 ,Alloy,or Inconel 625 high nickel alloys. These proven aerospace alloys allow the HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT EXPANSION JOINTS to perform at elevated temperatures without sacrificing cycle life. Alloy X is also known by the trade name Hastelloy X and has a higher temperature rating than most commonly available,Inconel 625 materials and is more economical.  Flanges can be furnished in high temperature alloys such as SUS310 and SUS309 stainless steel.

          Fustar high temperature bellows expansion joint is designed widely used in petrochemical, refining, steel mills, power plants, cement plants, industrial equipment manufacturing and engineering pipe system connection, the purpose of high temperature expansion Joint is to ensure safety in the transportation of harmful high temperature and ultra-high temperature of the medium effectively, and avoid the disclosure cause pollution from marine, sky, factories, and other environmental. Besides, the expansion joints we produced are characterized by high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance. High temperature resistant bellows expansion joints can endure maximum 1300 ℃ temperature, non-metallic compensation can be achieved the highest temperature 1200 ℃, to meet various high temperature environment. 

High Temperature Expansion Joints Types 

 耐高温膨胀节 Select high temperature resistant metal material such as stainless steel 310S, stainless steel 309S,Titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys and other materials, endure high temperature more than 900 .
014 With insulation form of high temperature expansion joints;

Consist of adapter, bellows, seal heat insulation, inner sleeve, whose seal heat insulation is ceramic refractory layer,the temperature can reach 1500;

Example dry cement production line preheater expansion joints, the temperature reach 1200 .

Ordering of High Temperature Resistant Expansion Joint 

When you need the high temperature bellows expansion joint, pls send us your detail requirements and confirm with us as follow:

1. Diameter/Length 

2. Flange or Welding conncetion 

3. Material of bellows and flanges/Welding tube

4. Maximum temperature the expansion joint need endure 

5. Working pressure and movement 

It's better you send us drawing or tell us detail requirements,we are glad to discuss with you further more and service for you anytime !



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