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DN150-300MM ANSI B16.5 150LBS SS304 Flanged Metal Expansion Joint
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DN150-300MM ANSI B16.5 150LBS SS304 Flanged Metal Expansion Joint

The designed pressure for this DN150-300MM ANSI flanged metal expansion joint is 2.0Mpa.We design and manufacture the metal expansion joints according to EJMA standard and optimization design.
Connection: Flange-connecting
Material: Stainless steel SS304
Axial movement: 10mm
Horizontal movement: 5mm
Design Temperature:450℃
Price: $ 240

  • DN150-300MM

  • Fustar

  • 83071000

DN150-300MM ANSI B16.5 150LBS SS304 Flanged Metal Expansion Joint 

The SS304 flanged metal expansion joints offer a cost effective alternative to other expansion devices while optimizing the productive life of a piping system.The SS304 flanged expansion joints are usually used to absorb movement,relieve system strain due to thermal change,load stress,pumping surges,wear or settling,reduce mechanical noise,compensate for misalignment ,eliminate electrolysis between dissimilar metals etc.

Flanges Connection Introduction 
It is very common to apply any standard and shape flanges to any size metal expansion joints for simple installation and replacement. We can follow ANSI, DIN, JIS,BS and GB standard of flanges on different pressure grade, pressure from 0-5.0Mpa and diameter from DN15-DN8000mm in all different material following customers’ requirements. Any other special shape flanges can also be customizable.

Flange Type : Welding neck flange

                       Flat flange for welding

                       Threaded flange

                       Blind flange

                       Lapped flange/Plain collar

                       Lapped joint(short stub end)

                       Slip-on flange 

                       Socket welding flange                    

Drawing of DN150-300MM Flanged Metal Expansion Joint 

drawing of metal expansion joint

Structure Datas of DN150-300MM Metal Expansion Joint 
1 Ear plate: thickness: 12mm ,stainless steel SS304 

2 Nut: GB/T41-2000,stainless steel SS304

3 Tie Rod: M16-400,stainless steel SS304

4  Bellows: inner size of 159mm,wall thickness 0.8mm ,stainless steel SS304

5  Inner sleeve: inner diameter of 135mm,wall thickness 1.0mm,total length of 275mm,stainless steel SS304

6  Welding neck flange:WN-150RF,ANSI B16.5,150#,stainless steel SS304

How to Order Flanged Metal Expansion Joint 

When you need flanged connection metal expansion joint,pls let us know detail requirements of the metal expansion joint before our quotation as follow:

•  Normal diameter 

•  Total length 

•   Flange standard(ANSI, DIN , BS, JIS or GB) or non-standard 

•   Flange pressure standard 

•   Material of inner bellows and flanges 

•   Working pressure 

•   Working temperature

•   Movements 

The flanged metal expansion joints are widely applied to industrial equipment manufacture and engineering pipe connection of aerospace, marine, petrochemical, refining, power plants, temperature control, information industry, heating, to effectively ensure the high safety performance of transporting the toxic, flammable and explosive media in the pressure pipeline, and to avoid the leak pollution causing the pollution of marine, sky, plants and other environment pollution. The product characteristics are thermostability, high pressure resisting, corrosion resisting, fatigue resisting, resistant to use.


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