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Inconel 625 6"(DN150)-400mm Bellows Expansion Joint
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Inconel 625 6"(DN150)-400mm Bellows Expansion Joint

Name: Inconel 625 bellows expansion joint
Size : DN150
Total length: 400mm
Flange: ANSI 150LBS, supper duplex stainless steel, ASTM A182 F53
Cover: Supper duplex stainless steel,ASTM A240 UNS S32750
Pipe: Supper duplex stainless steel,ASTM A790 UNS S32750
Application : Used in the sea water
Price: $ 1560

  • 6"--400mm

  • Fustar

  • 83071000

Inconel 625 6"(DN150)-400mm Bellows Expansion Joint

The inconel 625 bellow expansion joint is applicated in the project in sea water, with superior corrosion resistance and temperature performance to stainless steel. Our inconel 625 bellow using edge welded technology are designed for applications that require excellent corrosion resistance properties and flexibility. The flanges are made of superior duplex stainless steel,and it also have high-effective corrosion resistance and temperature resistance.The inconel 625 stainless steel expansion joint also can be used in oil, gas ,smelt besides sea water. 

General Description of Inconel 625 Expansion Joint 

Bellow Expansion Joint 6"(400mm)

Super duplex SS,Inconel 625 bellow;

Flange:ANSI 150# ,ASTM A182 F53; 

Cover:ASTM A240 UNS S32750 ; 

Sealing brand: EPDM;

Pipe: ASTM A790 UNS S32750;

Angular rotation: 2 degree; 

Design pressure: 10 bar;

Drawing of Inconel 625 Bellow Expansion Joint

Drawing of inconel expansion joint

Design Condition

    1. Bellow design: EJMA 

    2. Installation position: Horizontal 

    3. Fluid medium(internal/external): Air/Seawater 

    4. Design pressure(internal/external): 10bar/2bar 

    5. Test pressure(internal): 15bar  

    6. Test procedure: Hydrostatic test 

    7. Design temperature(Max./Min.): 60℃/10

    8. Axial spring rate: 134.3N/mm 

    9. Lateral spring rate: 535.5 N/mm 

   10. Angular spring rate: 16.2Nm/deg

Maximum design movements

    1. Axial compression: +30mm 

     2. Axial extension: -30mm 

     3. Lateral :1.5mm 

     4. Design cycle life: 23,000

Production Photos of 6" Inconel 625 Expansion Joint

inconel bellow expansion joint production


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