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DN150-230mm EPDM Rubber Expansion Joint
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DN150-230mm EPDM Rubber Expansion Joint

Fustar compensators are produced in accordance with the "Flexible Rubber Joints" chemical industry standard HG/T2289-1992.The rubber compensators are featured with good resistance to high temperature,acid,alkali and high pressure,which is generally made of vaveform rubber compensation parts and metal flanges.
Price: $ 130

  • DN150-230MM

  • Fustar

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EPDM Rubber Expansion Joint
Fustar EPDM rubber expansion joint are designed to reduce vibration and dampen sound transmission.They are also designed to take the movements such as : compression movements ,extension movements,angular movements,torsional and lateral movements.Our main rubber materials are:EPDM,Neoprene,Nitrile, Hypalon,Viton and Natural rubber. 

Drawing of DN150-230MM EPDM Rubber Expansion Joint

epdm rubber expansion joint drawing

Features of EPDM Rubber Expansion Joint
• Reduce Vibrations
• Dampen sound transmission
• Compensate lateral,axial,torsional and angular movements

• Light weight

• Low movement forces

• Reduce fatigue factor

• Reduce heat loss

• Corrosion,erosion resistant

• Acoustical impedance 

• Greater shock resistance

Fustar designed rubber expansion joints are flexible,reinforced elastomers which are used in piping systems to meet the following major needs:

• To protect piping by absorbing any difference in dimension due to temperature variation or line movement.

• To protect equipment such as supports & anchors,pumps,valves,turbines,condensors & other line equipment by reducing equipment vibration.
• To provide simple connection of misaligned pipes.
• To improve man's comfort by limiting noise from fluid circuits.
• Elimination of Noise and Vibration: 
Two characteristics combine to reduce vibrations transmitted by the pipe well and by the fluid itself.

   a , A break in the pipe material,i.e. no metal-to metal contact;

   b , A damping effect provided by the convolution in the joint.

• Movement Accomodation.


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