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24"-467mm NBR Rubber Expansion Joint
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24"-467mm NBR Rubber Expansion Joint

Fustar NBR rubber expansion joints are produced in accordance with the "Flexible Rubber Joints" chemical industry standard HG/T2289-1992.The rubber compensators are widely applied in a variety of industrial pipelines,power plants,heating networks,sewage treatment plants ,pumping stations,water treatment stations and machines.
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NBR Rubber Expansion Joint 
NBR rubber,also known as Nitrile rubber,and acrylonitrile butadiene rubber,is a syntheti rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene.The NBR rubber expansion joints are used for absorbing thermal expansion and reduction of vibrations in pipe systems.This type of rubber expansion joint has and overall length of 95mm~260mm.NBR rubber expansion joint offers good mechanical properties especially tensile strength,flexibility,  compression set and impermeability to gases,and has goods general resistance to oils and hydrocarbons.

Drawing of 24"-467MM NBR Rubber Expansion Joint

drawing of nbr rubber expansion joint

Technical Specification of 24"--247mm NBR Rubber Expansion Joint

Diameter : DN600(24")

Total Length: 467mm

Bellow Material: NBR rubber 

Flange Material: Carbon steel, galvanized

Temperature: 120

Working Pressure: 5bar 

Axial Movement:-70/+50mm

Fluid: Crude oil 

Features of NBR Rubber Expansion Joint 
• Reduce Vibrations
• Dampen sound transmission
• Compensate lateral,axial,torsional and angular movements

• Light weight

• Low movement forces

• Reduce fatigue factor

• Reduce heat loss

• Corrosion,erosion resistant

• Acoustical impedance 

• Greater shock resistance

Applicable Fluids:
Water,warm water,oil,solvents and greases.


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